4212 Hannegan Road, Bellingham, Washington 98226, United States

Hannegan Speedway: Motocross, off-road, and flat track

Series Points

Updated 6/15 with points through round 6

Series Points after round 6 (pdf)



Race Fees

GATE FEE: $10 (Required for entry onto the track grounds, 6 and under free with parent)

$25 First Class

$20 Each Additional Class

$25 Pro-Am Class

$40 Pro

$15 for 50cc's on the short track

Military members FREE with valid ID

Event Schedule



RACING @ 5:30 until complete


 A Thursday Night tradition for over 4 decades!

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Required Forms


  • RELEASE OF LIABILITY - Must be filled out at the track, every time you ride.
  • PARENTAL WAIVER  (U18) - Must be filled out at the track unless signed with a notary

TNMX Classes

Pro Classes

Pro categories have podium payouts, payout dependent on number of entries

  • 250 A (125-250cc)
  • 450 A (249cc-Open)
  • Open A
  • 30+ A
  • ATV A

General Classes

  • ATV 90cc
  • ATV Youth (16 and under)
  • ATV AM
  • Non-Conf 90cc
  • Non-Conf 150 cc
  • 85cc D Ages 7-11 (Beginner)
  • 85cc D Ages 12-15 (Beginner)
  • Schoolboy
  • Super Mini Ages 7-11
  • Super Mini Ages 12-15
  • 65cc Ages 7-8
  • 65cc Ages 9-11
  • 65cc GP
  • 250 B/C/D
  • 85cc Ages 7-11
  • 85cc Ages 12-15
  • Open B/C/D
  • Age 40+ A/B/C/D
  • Age 30+ B/C/D
  • Age 50+ GP
  • 450 B/C/D
  • Women
  • 50cc GP

Note: no 250F's in 450 Class

Short Track Classes

$15, course shortened

  • 51cc Stock Ages 4-6
  • ATV 50cc
  • 51cc Stock Ages 7-8
  • 51cc (Beginner)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why rain out? Let's just have a Mudder

A: We all want to ride too! Many of our riders are young, and though the big bikes might be able to get around the circuit in 6 inches of clay mud, the 50's won't make it down the start straight. Because of this, in extremely wet conditions we don't get enough entries to cover operating costs. 

For the first practice of the year, we are also limited by our ability to put heavy equipment on the track. If the bulldozer can't do track prep, we don't run an event.

Why are the fees so high?

We get it, MX can be expensive. MBMC is a non-profit run exclusively by volunteers; everything we charge is to cover the costs of operation. Property tax, Liability and Property Insurance, Equipment Maintenance, and Utilities are just some examples of major year round costs that all have to be covered by relatively few events during the summer. 

Why aren't you open more?

MBMC is run by volunteers, each TNMX round takes about 20 people working 4 hours apiece, not including track prep. It just isn't realistic for us to do more than one event per week with the people we have.

Why aren't there weekend MX practice events?

We hear you! As one of the only MX tracks in Northwest Washington, we know you want to come ride on the weekends. We are limited by the number of members available to operate the track on Saturdays and Sundays, many of our most dedicated volunteers also travel to events all over the west, and some even further afield.

However, to address this common request we are starting member-only events once a month on weekends. These will be work-ride events, where we will clean up and maintain the grounds for a couple of hours then ride a few motos before calling it a day. The more people we have to help, the more time we will spend riding. 

These hours will also count towards the worker points needed for a gate key, with 100 hours you can come ride any day you like.