4212 Hannegan Road, Bellingham, Washington 98226, United States

Hannegan Speedway: Motocross, off-road, and flat track

Member Info

Gate key info

Members in good standing who provide 100 hours of service to the club earn a key to the grounds. Keyed members  may use the track and trails at their leisure with up to 2 guests, subject to  the club ground rules and bylaws.

Rules and Bylaws are strictly enforced to protect the club and members from legal liability. Membership is contingent upon having read and signed these agreements. A release of liability must be signed before EVERY day that members use the grounds. ZERO TOLERANCE.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Flaggers - We need a minimum of 10 flaggers for each motocross event, things run more smoothly with 15. (up to 4 hours per event, meal voucher included) 
  • TNMX prep  - Wednesday nights before TNMX, come to a meeting then water the track (up to 4 hours)
  • Grounds Maintenance - monthly work parties  to maintain the property. These work parties will often be followed by riding. (4 hours/event)
  • Grandstand Repair - The grandstands take a beating! boards need to be replaced, cleaned, and repainted.
  • Plumbing - Both bathrooms needs a qualified plumber for repairs. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance - Quads, side-by-sides, and heavy equipment
  • Data Management - Member database is out of date and needs to be organized
  • Head of Sponsorship - Point of contact for parties interested in providing donations to the club.
  • MX Chairman - Responsible for track prep wednesday nights, and more.  Must be a heavy equipment operator, experience preferred.
  • Alcohol Enforcement - Required for the club liquor license, a volunteer is needed to check ID's at the entrance to the beer garden. (4 hours per event)

Additionally, you can earn 1 hour per month by attending club meetings.

Club Equipment Needs

PA system 

Point of sale devices - Needed for credit/debit transactions at gate, sign-ups, and concessions.


Officers 2019

President: Bret Dodd

Vice Pres: Steve Harris

Treasurer: Mike Hurlbert

Recording Sect: Stef Young

Financial Sect: Jaime Concannon

MX Chair: Ryan Garr* (stepping down for 2019)

Offroad Chair: Dana Johnson

Flat Track Chair: Sean Peterson

Trustees (term ending)

JB Lacki - 2019

Kym Hurst - 2019

Aaron Young - 2020

Jim Appleby - 2020

Lyle Duronso - 2020

Rod Vanderwerff - 2020

Vince Young - 2020

Brendan Boyer - 2020